This tutorial will drive you through the steps of the HiPiHi registration.

The first step is to go the English website of HiPiHi

Click on Sign Up Now.
HiPiHi register7-28-2012-6.44.42 PM

HiPiHi English homepage

HiPiHi register7-28-2012-6.45.43 PM

The first form will be about account details, such as username, nickame, password. HiPiHi contains a name filter, so you can't have names with HiPiHi, or Admin title.

HiPiHi register7-28-2012-6.48.10 PM

Next, You will need to choose an avatar. You will be able to edit your look later.

HiPiHi register7-28-2012-6.50.09 PM

The last step of the account creation is to give your real personal informations.

When it is done, you will get a message: "Congratulations and Welcome to HiPiHi World!"

If you didn't download the client, go to the homepage, and click on HiPiHi World installer, and please do not download HiPiHi 50022. For more information about the two clients, please visit this page