HIPIHI versus

HiPihi client comparison

There are lots of differences between the 2 HiPiHi clients, The main difference is that, the two clients are two different worlds. Until HiPiHi 50022 is a dooe to the custom content based HiPiHi world, HiPiHi 1.2 beta is the entrance for the virtual Heyuan Dinosaur world.


Question HiPiHi 50022 HiPiHi Dinosaur World 1.2
Flying Yes Yes
Chat Yes Yes
Inventory Yes No
Avatar customization Yes Yes
Prime creation Yes Yes, provides more advanced tools
Terrain editor Yes Yes, provides more advanced tools
Search system Yes No
Friend list Yes No
Graphics Good Better
Importing Yes N/A (missing information)
Gestures Yes Yes
Mesh import No Yes
IMs Yes Yes
Mini games No


HiPiHi Wikia Wiki currently recommends HiPiHi 1.2 Dinosaur beta, because lots of reports say that HiPiHi 50022 is not working (We also experienced this). For more information about it, visit "Server maintenance" in HiPiHi 50022.

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